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Behind the Scenes of Alicorp: A Logistics Makeover with Drivin

Standing as a beacon of mass consumer goods production in Peru, Alicorp represents a legacy of over six decades. Its footprint, spanning across nine Latin American countries, encompasses four business lines and over 150 unique private labels.

Alicorp, driven by its inspiring mantra, "we feed a better tomorrow," radiates a conscientious commitment to its consumers. This dedication is testament to its success, but every journey has its trials, and Alicorp was no exception.

Alicorp and Drivin

Enter Drivin, a partnership that transformed Alicorp's approach to its most formidable challenge: optimizing its vast distribution process that spanned over 150 thousand points of sale nationwide each month. Katiana Reeh, the dynamo heading Digital Commercial Projects at Alicorp, was at the forefront of this endeavor:

"We needed a delivery standard that was as fast as it was flexible, enhancing our customer experience with every package delivered," says Katiana. And Drivin was the answer, equipping Alicorp with tools that afforded full control over order delivery, traceability, and adaptability to evolving business requirements.

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But Drivin's solution wasn't just a fix – it was an upgrade. With advanced features like dynamic navigation and transport unit traceability, carriers could rapidly locate points of sale and track them throughout the day.

Alicorp and their shift to B2C

The economic shifts triggered by the contingency brought about unprecedented challenges, leading to a metamorphosis in consumer behavior. A growing preference for online shopping and home delivery emerged, and Alicorp saw an opportunity amidst this change.

Rising to the occasion, Alicorp adapted from an exclusively B2B model to a hybrid B2B-B2C model, ready to serve the end consumers directly. In the face of change, Alicorp did not flinch but chose to innovate.

Undoubtedly, with the contingency in mind, Alicorp sought a way to adapt to its consumers, betting on new distribution channels, such as home sales.

In Katiana's words, "Having a tool like Drivin is invaluable. It has empowered us to reach new points of sale in the most efficient manner, optimizing our delivery fleet and resources like never before."

Alicorp's story is one of embracing change, optimizing processes, and driving consumer-focused innovation. It's a testament to the fact that with the right partnerships and a steadfast commitment to excellence, even the most daunting challenges can be transformed into stepping stones of success.

As Alicorp continues its journey, it illuminates a path for others to follow, showing how a brand can adapt, grow, and flourish even in the face of unprecedented change.

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