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Delibest, a Uruguayan company with a rich history spanning over 30 years in the market, specializes in collective and institutional catering services.

Presently, they have established a strong presence in both Chile and Uruguay, and they're set to embark on an ambitious expansion journey starting in 2022.

About Delibest

Within Chile, Delibest's primary focus lies within the school feeding program, a crucial endeavor that employs around 5,000 dedicated individuals. Their operational prowess encompasses eight strategically positioned distribution centers, each meticulously calibrated to serve 1,500 dining establishments. These efforts culminate in a fleet of 70 to 80 trucks, each carrying a substantial load of 5,000 kilograms.

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This year, Delibest's footprint extended to the Lautaro hospital in the IX region, an impressive accomplishment further underscored by their recent contract with the Capredena hospital, in Santiago's Metropolitan region.

Matías Pereira, the Logistics and Supply Manager at Delibest Group, shines a light on the company's logistical complexities:

"Logistics forms the bedrock of our operations. For instance, last month alone, our endeavors involved the movement of over 4,000 tons. Furthermore, punctuality in delivering supplies is of paramount importance, especially given that a significant 40% of our cargo comprises perishable fruits and vegetables. Accuracy in delivery timing is essential due to their rapid spoilage rate."

Delibest before Drivin

Matías offers insights into Delibest's pre-Drivin era. In 2018, the company grappled with predominantly manual processes, while distribution routes adhered to a fixed trajectory.

"In terms of documentation, we were working with an outdated system, juggling more than 14,500 orders without a proper archival system to support potential claims arising from disparities in our supply chain," Matías elaborates.


The crux of the issue resided with their fleet of trucks:

"Navigating this challenge was akin to navigating a maze. One of the core problems centered around our trucks. There was a profound disconnect between the items leaving our warehouses and those arriving at schools. The disparity was stark," he explains.

In response to these challenges, Delibest's team opted to integrate a technological solution to invigorate their operations.

"We initiated a rigorous selection process, and ultimately, we elected to collaborate with Drivin. It stood out as the most versatile option, offering the added convenience of implementation through a straightforward app download," Matías adds.

The Arrival of Drivin

The choice of Drivin was deliberate; its ease of integration and rapid impact were pivotal in reshaping Delibest's supply chain dynamics. Matías recalls the transformative journey:

"Upon implementing Drivin, we witnessed swift progress in achieving our goals. The foremost objective was to achieve better control and efficiency in our routes. Simultaneously, we craved real-time insights into our delivery operations."

"Our delivery success rate surged from 70% to an impressive 98%. Embracing digitalization marked a pivotal shift from traditional paper-based processes, a transformation that positively reverberated across the company," Matías articulates.


The integration of Drivin wrought a 180-degree metamorphosis for Delibest, fundamentally altering their approach.

"Our initial intent was to comprehend the on-ground reality, and with Drivin, we unlocked that capability, gaining real-time insights into our operations. We now possess comprehensive knowledge of delivery statuses, timelines, and methods. Drivin's meticulous data granularity facilitated swift efficiency and control," he reflects.

In addition, Matías is effusive in his praise for Drivin's role in revolutionizing transportation, streamlining operations, fostering control, and optimizing costs.

"Drivin brought about an absolute transformation in terms of carrier oversight and road-level visibility. This shift was foundational, one that would have remained elusive without the technological support offered by Drivin," he asserts.

Post achieving the foundational goal of operation control, Delibest embarked on enhancing business efficiency, an endeavor yielding outstanding results.

By the close of 2019, the company had successfully curtailed distribution costs by an impressive $450,000,000 CLP (equivalent to approximately $523,000 USD) compared to the previous year. This saving, a testament to Drivin's influence, signified a notable boost to the company's profitability. As Matías aptly phrases it, this metamorphosis "translates into tangible results for the organization."

Evolution of Novel Tools

A hallmark feature of Drivin lies in its adaptability to cater to the unique needs of its clients. Matías sheds light on a collaborative approach with Drivin's Co-founders, Nicolás Kunstmann and Ernesto Goycoolea, a collaboration that yielded two pivotal functionalities, seamlessly tailored to Delibest's goals.

"The first functionality centered around the introduction of photographic evidence at the initiation of the loading process. This visual documentation captures the quality of the raw materials leaving the warehouse, a proactive measure against the potential leakage of various merchandise. This innovation has translated into favorable outcomes," Matías expounds.

The second functionality, a crucial enhancement, pertained to user administration. Matías elaborates, "The need arose as we navigated the challenge of numerous Distribution Centers. Allowing users access to view all available warehouses was counterproductive, complicating our operations."


As Delibest's needs evolved, the Drivin team was responsive in developing the 'Daily Summary' functionality, providing an essential tool for efficient daily monitoring, still used to this day as a hallmark feature in Drivin's vast array of functionalities. Matías acknowledges the speed and efficiency with which Drivin adapted to their evolving needs.

Star Functionality

The crown jewel of Delibest's Drivin experience lies in its route planning functionality. This feature resulted in monumental savings, exceeding half a million dollars. Matías explains the mechanics behind this success:

"The savings are largely attributable to Drivin's ability to provide georeferenced data for all schools, enabling a deep understanding of their volume. Armed with this insight, we embarked on route optimization through meticulous redesigning."

"The delivery trials ushered in a new era of excellence, empowering field supervisors with real-time updates on their school's supply status," Matías enthuses.

The Pandemic 

The global pandemic ushered in a profound transformation for Delibest. The suspension of kitchen operations compelled them to pivot to a 100% logistics-focused approach, transitioning from preparing meals to delivering essential food boxes.

"We transitioned from delivering plated meals to provisioning food boxes. This shift needed a rapid adaptation process, involving trial and error. The initial attempts weren't as seamless as desired, largely due to the new conditions, including tighter delivery windows," Matías recounts.

With Delibest handling substantial volumes of products with limited shelf life, large deliveries over extensive distances were no longer feasible. A logistical challenge emerged, requiring efficient solutions.

"Efficient delivery was paramount. Failures in the supply chain would be reflected in fines imposed by our clients, notably the government, as our program targeted vulnerable sections of society.

Our commitment extended to delivering to over half a million families, the majority of whom were under quarantine. Meeting our committed delivery timelines was non-negotiable," Matías emphasizes.

Guiding Principles

Matías strongly advocates for the integration of technology, viewing it not as an option but as a fundamental necessity. His words of wisdom extend to companies still grappling with operational efficiency challenges:

"My primary counsel is not to delay. Drivin isn't a mere band-aid solution; it's a transformative tool. It's easy to get bogged down in troubleshooting, but that approach doesn't truly address the root issues."

"Equally significant is the notion of adapting the tool to suit your operations, rather than forcing operations to fit within the confines of the tool. Drivin's inherent flexibility means that as new needs arise, they can be presented, and Drivin's team is adept at developing custom functionalities," Matías concludes.

For those seeking to amplify operational efficiency and achieve substantial cost savings within their logistics operations, feel free to leave your contact information below so a Drivin representative can reach out and offer insights into potential solutions.

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