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MetBus and Drivin: Revolutionizing Employee Shuttle Services

"MetBus, or Buses Metropolitana S.A., was established with the intention of participating in the bidding process for the new public transportation system that began operation in 2007 in the Metropolitan Region, Chile. 

"The company possesses extensive and recognized experience in the capital's transportation, making significant investments in fleet renewal and terminal upgrades."

In collaboration with Enel X and the Energy Center, MetBus has positioned Santiago as an international benchmark by incorporating electromobility into its public transportation network, with 435 electric buses operating since 2020.

With 1499 buses in operation, 18 terminals, and 4500 employees covering the city through 72 routes, MetBus has successfully integrated key aspects of circular economy, taking significant strides towards a more sustainable business model, envisioning an even more electric future in the near term.

Marcelo Quiroz, from MetBus Buses Metropolitana explains how they have benefited from the use of a Delivery Management Software within the company.

MetBus provides shuttle bus services for its nearly 4,500 employees, with morning and night shifts; therefore, they decided to use Drivin to manage the precise location of workers on both shifts.

Even though transporting humans is quite different from moving packages, the concept remains the same - transport management ensures a timely shuttle service, at specified locations, with real-time visibility and monitoring.


"Despite not being designed for passenger transport, Drivin has allowed them to optimize time, providing a better service to our employees, Marcelo comments.

Drivin and MetBus

Drivin is a SaaS TMS specialized in transport management for businesses of all sizes, and has the ability to adapt to the logistic management needs of its clients, offering a top-tier platform and control tower. 

Among its features, it allows vehicle and fleet visualization and monitoring in real time, giving its clients the ability to analyze information and make informed decisions, based on real data. 

It also offers end consumers the possibility to track their orders in real time, from the moment the package leaves the warehouse (in this case, shuttle buses), and reaches its final destination (employee pick-up/drop-off).

The mobile app allows drivers to take proof of delivery, which can range from photographs of the delivered product, to digital signatures depending on the requirements specified by the company.

If you would like to know more about how Drivin can improve your company's logistical processes, feel free to leave your contact information in the form below and we will get in touch!