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Lipigas and Drivin: Empowering Their Logistics through Technology

Lipigas, with a rich history spanning over 70 years, was born in Valparaíso, where it initially provided liquefied gas to local residents.

Its growth led it to Santiago, and over the decades, it has emerged as the leading provider of diverse gas solutions, catering to homes, industries, and businesses with both liquefied and natural gas supplied through pipelines.

With a workforce of more than 800 dedicated individuals, Lipigas has established an extensive network of 2,000 distributors, covering the vast expanse from Arica to Coyhaique.

Diego Aedo, Head of Logistics Planning and Transportation at Lipigas, emphasizes the necessity of a robust planning and route control tool in their line of work.

After careful research and evaluation of various Transportation Management Systems (TMS) providers, they found Drivin to be the perfect fit, offering unparalleled flexibility and tailor-made solutions.


During the pandemic, Drivin's exceptional customer service proved invaluable, enabling Lipigas to continue its operations without any interruptions. The quick access to responsive support channels facilitated prompt solutions to unforeseen challenges.

Drivin revolutionized Lipigas' logistical operations, which encompass 13 storage and packaging plants and 15 distribution and sales centers. Prior to Drivin, the company faced issues with multiple systems and providers, leading to disparate databases and specialized solutions for different requirements.

The integration of Drivin addressed these pain points, empowering the company to seamlessly manage route planning, GPS tracking, and traceability of purchase orders, bolstering overall efficiency.

Beyond the Logistics team, the implementation of Drivin involved multiple departments, including Digital Factory, Human Resources, Customer Experience, and Administration, reflecting its organization-wide impact.


The swift onboarding process witnessed Lipigas drivers wholeheartedly embracing Drivin. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design made it easy for them to navigate the platform, streamlining their day-to-day operations. Drivin's ability to provide real-time location data, optimal routing, and process automation proved to be an invaluable asset.

Furthermore, the transition to digital receipts allowed Lipigas to maintain electronic billing, even in areas with no internet connectivity. This innovation contributed to enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Lipigas and Drivin collaborated closely during a 10-month period, refining functionalities and conducting successful trials in different regions. The consistent updates and introduction of new solutions from Drivin further solidified their partnership.

Looking back, Lipigas recognizes that Drivin played a pivotal role in helping them navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic. With 99% of their customers being attended to promptly, Lipigas witnessed the realization of their commitment to provide proximity and reliability in their service.

For those seeking to optimize their transportation costs, streamline planning, and deliver exceptional customer service, Drivin is the ideal solution. Leave us your information below, and we'll show you how Drivin can transform your business logistics.

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