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Nestlé's Drivin Partnership: A Driving Force in Logistics Excellence

In a pioneering endeavor spanning from Mexico to South America, Nestlé is set to revolutionize its corporate fleet operations across 14 countries with the implementation of Drivin's state-of-the-art Transportation Management System (TMS).

The introduction of this system can be traced back to Héctor Olmos, T-HUB LEAD at Nestlé Chile, who pioneered the testing of Drivin within the company five years ago.

The visionary behind this transformative system is Héctor Olmos, the T-HUB LEAD at Nestlé Chile, who, five years ago, spearheaded the testing of Drivin within the company. Initially introduced within Purina, -Nestlé's pet food production subsidiary-, the system's usage has since expanded to encompass all sectors of the Nestlé enterprise.

A significant milestone was reached in 2021 when Drivin emerged victorious in Nestlé's multinational tender, securing its position as the chosen TMS provider for Latin America.

Nestlé and Drivin

Héctor Olmos, Transport & Network Control Manager at Nestlé Chile, underscored the paramount importance of their early adoption of this platform, which significantly influenced the regional decision-making process. This choice was rooted in their extensive market experience, a testament to the platform's effectiveness over the years.

"Several years ago, we initiated the use of this platform in Chile, prompting the regional authorities to consider our mature market experience," emphasized Héctor.


The partnership between Nestlé and Drivin was carefully deliberated upon, involving an evaluation of multiple providers and rigorous pilot testing. Ultimately, Drivin was selected to streamline Nestlé's route operations, initially focusing on route optimization.

Olmos emphasized their commitment to fleet optimization as part of their overarching strategy to reduce their carbon footprint. The subsequent benefits included real-time tracking, automated reporting, and enhanced control over deliveries.

"Our objective was to optimize our fleets in line with our comprehensive carbon footprint reduction goals," remarked Olmos. "This decision led to other notable advantages, such as real-time tracking, automated reporting, and, most importantly, greater control over our deliveries."

Today, Nestlé effectively operates a fleet of 500 vehicles throughout Chile, all efficiently managed through Drivin. The TMS has become a trusted technological logistics partner, earning accolades for its delivery of positive results.

One of the most significant advantages observed by Nestlé was the heightened productivity resulting from optimized processes.

"Our sales teams can now receive up-to-date order statuses on their mobile devices, thereby directly impacting the sales executive/customer relationship," emphasized Olmos.

Olmos attributed these exceptional outcomes to Drivin's unique approach of listening to the specific needs of the company and developing tailored solutions that transcend mere commercial requirements. Drivin's technological prowess extends even beyond the local market, showcasing its dedication to excellence.

What's down the pipeline for Nestlé?

Currently, Nestlé's collaboration with Drivin extends to countries such as Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Central America, with plans to expand further into Ecuador and Peru in the near future.

This comprehensive operation, involving a fleet of 2,200 vehicles across the 14 countries, is overseen by a network of professionals, who consistently evaluate implementation, market experience, and future demands, ensuring a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to Nestlé's operations.

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