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Yanbal Logistics

Yanbal is a jewelry, perfumery and makeup company that was born in Peru in 1967 and is currently present in 8 Latin American countries, as well as in the United States.
It’s characterized by its "Made in LATAM" seal, and its business model works through consultants distributed in each country, who are in charge of selling its products through catalogs.

“Drivin has provided continuous support with meetings and training throughout the implementation process and at all levels: distributors, our call center, as well as the transportation and distribution teams.”
Federico Romero, Projects & Technologies Director, Yanbal Peru.

"Drivin is the solution that’s helping us at Yanbal Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador to have 100% traceability of each of our 220,000 monthly orders."

Yanbal became a client of Drivin by tender, where they competed with other suppliers.

The initial contact was a 2-day workshop, where they were shown all the functionalities of the software and from the beginning there was a great chemistry and dynamics.
The team at Drivin understood very well what Yanbal needed.

One of Yanbal's main goals was route planning, being able to provide information to consultants, having traceability and digitized information, as well as consolidating information in a system in order to facilitate the work of its carriers, by giving them tools to successfully execute deliveries.

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Incorporating Technology

Results are obvious after implementing Drivin:

"With this tool, we can view -at any time- where each order box is, and provide to our customers and stakeholders an online status regarding their orders”.

“Another functionality that we’re using a lot is predictability; not only do we know where the orders are, but we have a precise time range where we can predict an estimate regarding the order delivery", says Romero.

In the same line, Romero adds that "both these functionalities have led us to completely restructure our Logistics area: we have implemented a control tower concept, new indicators and new roles".

He also adds that "the visibility that Yanbal's delivery process has today is allowing us to test new modes of transportation and, therefore, also helps us identify savings that were previously hidden".

Yanbal and Covid 19

At the beginning of the pandemic, Yanbal was directly affected by plant closures and not being able to distribute their products.

However, they wasted no time: During the shutdown period, they got to work reviewing and redesigned their internal processes to see how they were going to come back after all the restrictions were lifted due to the pandemic.

They contacted Drivin to accompany them during this transition: they went from distributing only to beauty consultants, to also distributing directly to the end customer, successfully implementing a B2C model.

Federico emphasizes that "Drivin is a tool that’s constantly improving. The solution feeds on the experiences of clients like us, and constantly incorporates new functionalities that ultimately benefit all its users".

The Future

After changing their local distribution method, they made nationwide modifications to all their distributors: they no longer had only 2-leg crossdock distributions, but added three or more legs to those who had to leave Lima in order to reach a secondary city, to only then, make the last mile delivery.

There was national level support to carry out the implementation. "The support of Drivin’s team to Yanbal's needs works very well. There is a very good disposition of the technicians towards us," says Romero.

Drivin has also provided support for the implementation in Bolivia, which has a particular operation. Ecuador is also being incorporated. The idea is for both countries to make the most of the platform, as Peru has been doing.

"A relationship of trust has been created between both teams, and that is what I like the most about this experience with Drivin: kind, clear, timely and totally transparent communication", says Federico Romero.

Just like Yanbal, if you’d like your company to improve its logistics management, feel free to reach out to schedule a video call with one of our executives, so that you can see how Drivin can help you face your logistic challenges this year.