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In the complex sphere of the business world, mastering efficiency in the supply chain and perfecting logistical optimization are not merely desirable, but imperative for achieving success.

Yichang, a prominent and respected entity in the logistics sector in Peru, has established a new paradigm in the field thanks to a visionary approach and the adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions.

Yersin Gaspar Pomalaza, Horizontal Analyst at Yichang, unveils how Drivin has catalyzed a radical transformation in their logistics operation, propelling the unprecedented growth of the company.

Founded over 90 years ago, Yichang's history is a narrative of continuous evolution from its humble beginnings in 1929. It was then that Don Guillermo Wu Yichang, in collaboration with his son Alí and Juan Wu Shichon, arrived from China and laid the foundations of the business in Peru.

Under an unwavering commitment to innovation and maintaining a synergistic relationship with suppliers and customers, Yichang has emerged as a luminary in the Peruvian market, specializing in the marketing and distribution of leading brands.

Yichang's Operational Challenges

Prior to the incorporation of Drivin, Yichang faced a labyrinth of operational challenges.

"The geolocation of the master customer list had become an odyssey, rooted in the use of daily printed physical plans. Monitoring distribution routes demanded an unbroken chain of calls to the drivers to discern their delivery progress, which led to a work overload, while the absence of real-time proof of delivery erected additional barriers," explained Yersin Gaspar.


The alliance with Drivin has allowed Yichang to experience a palpable improvement in the visibility of planning and in the monitoring of distribution routes.

"With Drivin, planning is orchestrated a day in advance, allowing a firmer control over the logistical process. Drivers now have the ability to access Drivin's mobile app and examine the next day's route, facilitating foresight into the number of customers, risk areas, cargo volume, and more," Gaspar highlights.

Drivin's georeferencing function, available through the driver's app, has been instrumental for Yichang.

Gaspar recounts: "We can now precisely geolocate the location of each customer and have the master customer list georeferenced by zones. Additionally, we have focused efforts on instructing transporters on the use of Drivin, ensuring that they perceive it as a support tool in their daily work."

Optimization and Efficiency, Drivin's Key Benefit

In terms of optimization, Yichang has experienced significant improvements thanks to Drivin. "With Drivin, we have managed to reduce manual work on physical plans by 90%, decrease calls to transporters by 70%, and geolocate the master customer list by 63%."

  • 90% reduction of manual work on physical plans
  • 70% fewer calls to transporters
  • 63% of the master customer list geolocated

These points reflect the true magnitude of improvements experienced by Yichang thanks to Drivin. The implementation of the tool has fine-tuned the tracking and control of proof of delivery, offering a comprehensive view of fleet control and advancements, and allowing effective communication with the sales force to validate customer visits and verify canceled orders.

As for the management of the sales force and visibility of the sellers on sales routes, Yichang is in the initial stages of implementation.

"For the commercial area, it is novel; we are just in an initial period and finalizing details to conduct tests with some sellers for subsequent implementation at the sales desk," Yersin highlighted.

Yichang's Experience Implementing Drivin

Regarding the experience of working with the Drivin team, Gaspar emphasized:

Yichang 1What really distinguishes Drivin from its competitors, in Yersin's words, is that "the platform is intuitive and easy to learn, offering a multifaceted view of the information (live, in bulk, in summary)."

Gaspar did not hesitate to recommend Drivin, underlining its potential as a tool that refines processes, grants full control and visibility over the fleet, and generates tangible operational improvements.

"Our relationship with Drivin has been extremely rewarding. From the assignment of an account executive for inquiries to the support provided through the platform, we have always received agile responses and effective solutions. The onboarding process during implementation was meticulously guided."

Yichang and Drivin exemplify how the application of a TMS can redefine not only logistics but the overall efficiency of a company. If you're contemplating the implementation of a TMS in your organization, we invite you to explore Drivin and discover all the benefits it can offer you. Leave your contact details below and we'll be in touch!

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