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Berrygood & Drivin: Last Mile Delivery in the Fresh Food Industry

Berrygood is a producer and marketer of berries, operating as a Brazilian subsidiary of Hortifrut Chile. The company's main goal is to provide fresh, carefully selected, and healthy products for sale in hortifrutis, retail stores, and the food service industry.

Their commitment to quality ensures that customers can enjoy premium products year-round, sourced from production fields located in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, the USA, and Mexico. With branches in Europe, Berrygood has established itself as a leading player in the global market for fresh produce.

The Berry Process...

Berrygood berries

Berrygood operates a production field for blackberries and raspberries in Senador Amaral, located in the southern region of Minas Gerais, 200 km away from São Paulo. Their distribution center is based in Barueri (SP), and staffed by 18 employees who are dedicated to maintaining quality, handling invoicing, and overseeing operations.

In addition to their regional office in São Paulo, where they utilize Drivin's software, Berrygood has established offices in Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Goiás, and the Federal District. Their administrative and commercial office is based in São Paulo.

Blackberries and raspberries are harvested daily from the production field, collected by hand and taken directly to the packaging area. Afterwards, the fruit undergoes meticulous quality control checks before being transferred to a cold storage chamber to preserve freshness. Finally, the berries are shipped to the Barueri DC for distribution.

According to Sidney Neris, Operations Manager of Berrygood Brasil, fruit distribution is carried out using a refrigerated fleet, which is of utmost importance to fulfill all orders within the scheduled time and with the required quality.

At Barueri, a team at the distribution center inspects the batches, where they conduct compliance checks; the cargo is then sent out for distribution to customers, which include stores, bakeries, confectioneries, restaurants, and even individual consumers who purchase fruit directly through the e-commerce channel.

Berrygood also deals in imported fruits, which are received in Barueri and, after undergoing quality control checks, are sent out to all customers.

BerryGood's Partnership with Drivin

The logistics team at Berrygood Brasil first became aware of Drivin in 2019, through a recommendation from a logistics partner. However, it wasn't until April 2021 that the partnership was formed, driven by the need to expand into the e-commerce distribution channel. The system was already known for its effectiveness, having been recommended by the parent company in Chile, which was already using the platform.

With the pandemic, people started buying online, and the need to operate in e-commerce arose. The challenge was to serve this new channel without significantly increasing fleet expenses.

With the support of Drivin, we were able to expand our distribution by leveraging our existing fleet, which was already catering to the needs of retail and food service, and efficiently extend our reach to the end consumer by optimizing our established routes, says Sidney Neris, Operations Manager at Berrygood Brasil

The challenge was to serve this new segment with the least additional expense possible. With the implementation of the software, however, routing and product distribution became much easier, allowing for better organization of the overall strategy. 

Sydney also mentions that "not having to manually route our fleet allowed us to generate crucial information for analyzing our costs".

According to Berrygood, through the use of technology and process optimization, they have been able to improve their decision-making processes, helping them become more strategic. Additionally, the ease of use of the software was another key benefit.

"By implementing the software, it became much easier to plan routes and monitor the distribution while no longer having to rely on manual routing, allowing us to gather crucial information for analyzing our costs," says the operations manager at Berrygood Brasil.

Another strong point of the partnership is the dialogue with the Customer Success department, which is responsible for offering support and guidance, as well as answering questions whenever necessary for the operation:

"Our relationship is smooth and the support team has helped us understand the entire system interface, which is user-friendly. The consultant always attends to us immediately, bringing resolution to any doubts. Customer service is a differential," explains Sidney Neris.

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