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EcoMexico: Leading Waste Management and Recycling Solutions

Founded 13 years ago, EcoMexico started as a small company with only one waste collection vehicle and a single client.

Thanks to their focus on collecting special waste for material recycling such as cardboard, plastic, scrap, and wood, they achieved rapid and solid growth. Today, EcoMexico covers the entire metropolitan area of Guadalajara, including municipalities like Zapopan, Tonalá, Tlajomulco, and El Salto.

With the implementation of Drivin, EcoMexico underwent a significant transformation in its ways of working.

The recycling and waste management industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, and EcoMexico has become a benchmark in this field. We spoke with Carlos Santana, CEO of EcoMexico, and Francisco Camarena, administrative manager and operations supervisor, to learn about their journey and how they have achieved success in this constantly evolving industry.

"Working with Drivin is like having the blindfold taken off."
Francisco Camarena |  Administrative Manager, EcoMéxico


Before implementing Drivin's route optimization solution, EcoMexico faced various challenges in their daily operations.

Francisco Camarena, Administrative Manager and responsible for the operations area, states, "We were running our operation blindly, without visibility or traceability. Route assignments were done randomly, without considering the drivers' workload or time windows. Additionally, our new drivers struggled to find customer locations. All of this led us to search for a solution that would allow us to optimize our operation."

With the implementation of Drivin, EcoMexico underwent a significant transformation in their ways of working. Francisco affirms, "Working with Drivin is like having the blindfold taken off. Now we can have optimized routes and clear route points, enabling us to better plan and assign customers. Furthermore, Drivin provides us with a route sequence that takes into account the drivers' workload, ensuring that everyone finishes within appropriate timeframes and improving our operational efficiency."

Drivin's form tool has also been instrumental for EcoMexico in terms of traceability and meeting their clients' needs. Francisco highlights, "Drivin's form allows us to collect key data about the waste we collect, its classification, and quantities.

This information is crucial for generating statistical reports and complying with regulatory requirements. Additionally, the flexibility of the form allows us to make adjustments and add questions according to our needs, and all of this is reflected in the driver's application, making our operations easier."

Drivin & EcoMéxico: A success story 

The implementation of Drivin has brought numerous benefits to EcoMexico. The visibility, traceability, and route optimization have allowed EcoMexico to reduce collection times and improve punctuality in customer service.


Francisco Camarena adds, "Thanks to Drivin, we have improved our schedule estimations, can visualize the location of our drivers, and plan more accurately. This has helped us offer a better service to our customers, meeting established schedules and providing greater certainty."

Cost optimization

In addition to operational benefits, EcoMexico has found in Drivin a tool for cost optimization and improved waste classification.

Carlos Santana explains, "Drivin allows us to better identify waste, understand its origin and characteristics. This has helped us better understand our operation and establish a more precise fee based on the type and characteristics of the waste, enabling more effective billing."

The support and implementation expertise provided by Drivin has also been highlighted by EcoMexico. Francisco Camarena praises the willingness and support from the Drivin team, saying, "From the first contact, Drivin has shown great openness and willingness to listen to us and understand our needs. Their customer service is excellent, always attentive to our questions and proposing solutions and improvements. They have pleasantly surprised us with their commitment and support throughout the entire process."

"It's not just about reaching high, but also about staying at the top, and Drivin has proven to be a valuable ally on our path to operational excellence." 
Francisco Camarena | Administrative Manager, EcoMexico


With tangible results and a constant focus on innovation, EcoMexico expects to continue maximizing the benefits of the Drivin platform in the future. Carlos Santana concludes, "While we have already experienced great benefits with Drivin, we know that there is still much to explore.

We are happy with the platform and will continue to take advantage of the improvements that Drivin offers us at no additional cost. 

If you're considering implementing a transportation and logistics management system (TMS), EcoMexico has a piece of advice: "Taking the leap towards automation and process optimization in logistics is an interesting experience that can open your eyes in many aspects. I encourage you to look for platforms like Drivin, which can bring significant benefits to your operation, even those you didn't expect", says Carlos Santana.