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Térbol and Drivin: Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency in Deliveries

In the pharmaceutical industry, efficiency and punctuality in product delivery are essential to ensure customer satisfaction.

Térbol Laboratories, a renowned Bolivian company dedicated to the production, commercialization, and export of pharmaceutical products, has overcome these challenges thanks to the implementation of Drivin, an innovative technological solution for route management and real-time tracking of its distribution fleet.

We spoke with Ana Camila Hochkofler Espinoza, Responsible for ATC and Dispatches at Térbol, to learn how Drivin has transformed their operation and improved the quality of service offered to customers.

"Drivin has been an innovative technological solution that has allowed us to optimize our distribution routes and improve real-time visibility of our vehicle fleet. It has had a significant impact on our operation and has helped us provide better service to our customers."

Térbol Laboratories: A Reference in Health and Wellness

Térbol is a Bolivian company with a trajectory dating back to 1980. Since its inception, it has sought to provide health and well-being to people's lives through the production, commercialization, and export of pharmaceutical products.

In addition to being a reference in the industry, it also stands out as a logistics operator for renowned brands such as Megalabs, Tecnofarma & Abbott. With a presence in 8 departments of Bolivia and in Peru, Térbol has established a solid distribution network to reach over 5000 customers on a monthly basis."

Operational Challenges and Drivin's Solution

Drivin has played a crucial role in optimizing distribution routes and providing real-time visibility and tracking of Térbol's fleet. Ana highlights the benefits they have experienced:

"Drivin has given us the ease of seeing in real-time where the orders are, identifying which items have been delivered, rejected, or pending. It has provided us with greater visibility of the routes and the ability to optimize them and the use of resources."

Additionally, Ana emphasizes that Drivin has allowed the sales team to monitor customer deliveries, improving internal and external communication.

Address geolocation has been another significant benefit that Drivin has brought to Térbol's operation. Ana explains:

"Having the exact location of each customer, with their coordinates on a map, allows us to provide drivers with complete and accurate information about each customer. Now they can review the precise address, directions to it, time windows, and everything they need to make a proper delivery from their mobile phones.

It has also allowed us to be more flexible in our operation, to be able to adjust the work teams according to the need, incorporating, reducing, or even rotating drivers, in summary, being more efficient."

Improvement in Event Management and KPIs

Drivin has also improved event management and the acquisition of key performance indicators (KPIs) for Térbol. Ana mentions several specific examples:

"Firstly, Drivin allows us to visualize the routes that dispatchers will take to determine which routes are optimal. Secondly, it provides us with proof of delivery, which serves as backup when customers or sales representatives have complaints about an order since drivers upload images when pharmacies are closed or when doctors indicate that they do not have cash.


Thirdly, it has helped us identify when dispatchers encounter any issues on the route so that we can provide support. Fourthly, it allows us to see the event logs, where dispatchers mark when they exceed the allotted time at a customer or when they are taking their lunch break."

Efficiency and Agility in Pharmaceutical Product Delivery

In the pharmaceutical industry, efficiency and agility in product delivery are crucial. As the exclusive representative of brands and with the importance of punctuality in this sector, Térbol has experienced a significant improvement in the delivery of pharmaceutical products thanks to Drivin.

The tool has allowed them to identify pharmacy time windows, improve customer service, and provide detailed reports on customer service times to continue enhancing their route planning.

The implementation of Drivin in Térbol's distribution operation was not without challenges. Although Drivin is a fairly intuitive and easy-to-use application, the drivers were not accustomed to using it.

"Over time, they realized the benefits it offered and how it allowed us to optimize resources. The workers have adapted to the tool and now actively use it, recognizing its advantages."

08_Mockup - Mockup TMSCustomer satisfaction is a priority for Térbol, and Drivin has played a fundamental role in that aspect.

"Customers are satisfied because they can request proof of delivery, and we can show them the backups of what happened with the order, providing specific information about how the delivery was made or why the order was rejected," says Ana.


The integration of Drivin with Térbol's existing systems has been successful and without major setbacks. Térbol highly values the support provided by Drivin throughout the implementation process.

"The experience with Drivin's support team has been very good. I joined the company with the mission of implementing Drivin. Gradually, I started learning until I implemented it in La Paz, then in Santa Cruz, and finally nationwide. We have had constant support from Drivin's technical and support team. The tool is excellent, and the customer service is top-notch."

Future Plans and Expectations

Looking ahead, Térbol Laboratories has big plans for the use of Drivin. "We hope to implement the use of WhatsApp and be able to design routes one day in advance, in order to organize orders according to Drivin's recommendations," reveals Ana.

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