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Yobel SCM- Client- Drivin

Yobel SCM Boosts Operational Efficiency with Drivin's Platform

Yobel SCM has leveraged Drivin's cutting-edge Transportation Management System (TMS) to optimize their operations across various locations in Latin America, including Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador. The implementation of this robust platform has significantly enhanced Yobel SCM's distribution processes and elevated the quality of their services in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) channels.

Despite having their own proprietary developments, Yobel SCM found that these were insufficient to meet the ever-evolving demands of their customers and the complex challenges presented by the dynamic market environment.

Carmen Bueno, the Commercial Manager at Yobel, points out that that in the crucial "last mile" of their delivery process, generating efficient routes to meet estimated delivery times poses a significant challenge. Moreover, the issue of having validated georeferences has also been a persistent hurdle for Yobel.

Logistics and Drivin

Yobel has achieved remarkable success in optimizing their transportation operations with the aid of Drivin's transportation management platform. Their efforts have yielded impressive results, including a reduction of transportation costs by over 10%, and an exceptional delivery effectiveness rate of over 99% in multiple Latin American countries where they operate.

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Moreover, Drivin's platform has enabled Yobel to expedite their shipments and gain critical process visibility, bolstering their competitive edge in the market.

From the outset, Yobel prioritized transport route optimization as a key objective. By implementing Drivin's platform, they have successfully streamlined their transportation routes, minimized distribution lead times, and optimized their costs, enabling them to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

"Our main objective in adopting Drivin's transportation management platform was to reduce our freight expenses, specifically in relation to established routes and distribution. We anticipated achieving savings exceeding 10% through this initiative", adds Carmen.

Yobels primary objectives were to enhance delivery effectiveness, provide order visibility to their clients and their clients' customers, reduce arrival times, accommodate order delivery time windows, and enable online monitoring of transport unit and order status. 

Distribution and georeferencing effectiveness

Drivin's route optimization module has played a pivotal role in enhancing Yobel SCM's response and delivery times. With numerous destinations to cover in the last mile, their primary goal was to meet delivery times while reducing operational costs. Through Drivin's platform, Yobel SCM has successfully optimized their routes, resulting in shorter unit runs, reduced working hours, and a significant decrease in overtime and overexertion.

Thanks to the platform's advanced features, such as efficient routing and real-time fleet monitoring and visibility, Yobel SCM has been able to achieve an exceptional delivery effectiveness rate of over 99% in their final mile deliveries.

"Before Drivin, we already had a relatively good delivery effectiveness, but obviously, what we hoped for was to improve it," says Carmen Bueno.

An additional, and key aspect for this, was the issue of address georeferencing.

"It was a big challenge for the company to be able to have validated georeferences because, in most of the countries in the region, there was no standardization of addresses," says Claudia Malasquez.

If you're looking to enhance your logistics management capabilities, Drivin's transportation management platform can help you achieve your objectives. Our cutting-edge technology has already helped companies like Yobel SCM optimize their routes, reduce costs, and improve delivery effectiveness. 

We'd love to offer you a real-time demo of our platform, conducted by one of our specialists. During the demo, we'll work together to identify your logistical challenges and show you how Drivin can help you overcome them. Please feel free to schedule a demo at your convenience.