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Duragas' Digital Leap: Streamlining Logistics with Advanced TMS

Duragas, an Ecuadorian company specializing in the packaging and marketing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), has achieved a significant milestone in its operational journey by incorporating the Transportation Management System (TMS) solution provided by Drivin.

This success story highlights how Drivin's collaboration has revolutionized Duragas' logistical management, leading to more efficient and satisfying operations for all involved.

About Duragas

With a 40-year presence in the Ecuadorian market, Duragas operates from five work centers located in Machala, Guayaquil, Manta, Santo Domingo, and Quito. The company manages two logistical circuits: one for packaging and another for bulk.

Pre-existing operational challenges

Before Drivin's implementation, Duragas faced several challenges. Order planning was an entirely manual process, consuming valuable time; as well as a lack of online delivery proofs and real-time order tracking being recurring issues.

Leonardo Jair Sisalima Jiménez, Distribution Coordinator at Duragas, emphasized the need for a more robust solution to comprehensively address these issues:

“Not everyone had what we were primarily looking for, which was the customer's proof of delivery. Drivin had this process quite developed compared to other route optimizers, which only dealt with order assignment and planning, but weren't complete.”

Transformation with Drivin

Drivin emerged as a comprehensive solution that not only addressed planning and order assignment but also provided online delivery proofs and real-time order tracking. The integration of Drivin with Duragas' SAP system enabled automatic order extraction and efficient transport creation in the system.

“We reduced order planning times by 50% since we achieved integration with our system through Drivin, which allows us to extract orders from the created pool. Moreover, we managed to have 100% of the documentation available online, facilitating verification and transparency in the logistic process,” says Leonardo.

Drivin's Key Modules

Drivin's Planning and Control Tower modules have been crucial for Duragas, with the “proof of delivery” functionality within the Planning module providing online delivery confirmations.

Within the Control Tower module, the “fleet monitoring” functionality has enabled real-time vehicle tracking, and “plan creation” has facilitated efficient route planning. These functionalities have been pivotal in Duragas' digital transformation, allowing for more effective and transparent logistical management.

Customer Experience

The collaboration with Drivin brought not only tangible operational solutions but also a positive working experience. Drivin's team provided effective on-site technical support, ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform. The prompt response and ongoing support were highly appreciated by Leonardo, who also valued Drivin's flexibility in addressing Duragas' specific needs.

"The team at Drivin has been prompt in addressing our support requests, leading me to regard the service they offer to Duragas as commendable.

Final Thoughts

The story of Duragas and Drivin illustrates how adopting suitable technologies can transform logistical operations, boosting efficiency and satisfaction for both customers and the operational team. With Drivin's guidance and support, Duragas has taken a significant step towards a more efficient and customer-focused logistical operation, setting an encouraging precedent for other companies in the industry.

Leonardo advises: “Take the risk, make a decision. At first, it's a bit challenging to change what has been done manually for a long time; there is some resistance, but after the adaptation period to the new system, things flow much faster, and everything works out.”

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