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Egg-cellence in Delivery: Mantiqueira Brasil's Logistics Transformation

Efficient routing has helped ensure that Mantiqueira's eggs are fresh on the customers' shelves and on the consumer's table. Learn more about the partnership between Mantiqueira Brasil and Drivin.

Mantiqueira Brasil began its operations in the late 1980s in Itanhandu, Minas Gerais (MG), Brazil, with just 30,000 chickens. Over time, the company expanded and embraced new technologies, becoming the first automated farm in the country.

The growth in egg production led them to expand their operations to other segments, such as agriculture and livestock.

Currently, Mantiqueira is a market reference, employing over 2,500 people and being responsible for the largest egg production in South America, with 12.9 million chickens across its units: two in Minas Gerais (MG), one in Mato Grosso (MT), one in Paraná, another in Goiás, and two in the state of São Paulo (SP) - which already have cage-free eggs.

Since 2021, the company relies on Drivin's transportation management system (TMS SaaS) to make their deliveries more efficient and optimized in the Southeast Region.

Mantiqueira Brasil and Drivin: A Successful Partnership

Hens lay eggs every day, and these eggs need to arrive fresh at the points of sale. To achieve this, they're collected and packed on the same day, for delivery the following morning.

Since eggs are delicate products, great care is taken to avoid waste and ensure they reach their destination in the right conditions and at the right time, serving loyal customers and conquering new market niches.

For this purpose, the logistics operations in the Southeast Region of Mantiqueira Brasil, which works with its own fleet and has an average of 230 employees including support staff, operations, and drivers, have chosen the technological solution developed by Drivin as one of their key partners to streamline and organize their logistics.

For nearly two years, Mantiqueira has been investing in improving its logistics operations.

"Previously, processes were done manually, trucks were loaded, and deliveries were made, but our controls were not as accurate. There was a lot of information loss and discrepancies. Therefore, we sought a transportation management system to monitor vehicles and deliveries, and thus, invest in new technologies like Drivin," said Lucas Carvalho, Logistics Coordinator for the Southeast Region of Mantiqueira Brasil.


Here are some numbers related to this partnership:

  • On average, 60 vehicles with their own fleet transport eggs using Drivin on a daily basis,
  • Approximately 35 trips are monitored in real-time with Drivin,
  • They make around 5,000 deliveries per month, whether directly to customers' stores or to distribution centers.

Drivin serves the headquarters in Itanhandu (MG) and the distribution centers in Guarulhos (SP), Duque de Caxias (RJ), and Contagem (MG), with an average of 35 daily trips and around 5,000 customer visits (deliveries) per month.

Some of the products are sent directly from the headquarters to customers, while others are divided at the company's distribution centers. This is because one of Mantiqueira Brasil's distribution centers goes beyond cross-docking, adopting dynamic product redistribution at that location.

According to coordinator Lucas Carvalho, the company sought a solution to meet high demand and undergo an internal modernization process.

"With Drivin, we route orders that leave from our base to our distribution centers, logistics partners, or direct customers; with the majority of our customers being supermarkets, hypermarkets, and local stores. We also have our own stores in CEASAS in São Paulo, São José dos Campos, and Rio de Janeiro for customers who prefer direct supply," he explains.

Improved control over logistics operations

Now, the have improved their delivery management. Previously, there were difficulties with information, and everything was done manually. Today, there is comprehensive vehicle, delivery, and route monitoring, which allows for the creation of reliable indicators and data to take actions and optimize operations.

"With Drivin, we have gained much more control. It's possible to check specific itineraries to access information about the order or the vehicle, which supports the sales department.

Once received a complaint about a missed delivery, but we were able to show the exact day and time it happened. With this system, we were able to resolve such incidents more quickly," he says.

In addition to addressing information and delivery data challenges, intelligent routing significantly reduces Mantiqueirs's execution time, enabling the team to open up new areas of work and further innovate the logistics process.

Support and follow-up from Mantiqueira

With a large number of well-informed and demanding customers with specific needs, Mantiqueira Brasil seeks support from Drivin's Customer Success team, which provides a  personalized service.

"We were impressed with the team from the beginning. We are in constant contact with the specialist in the area, Bruno Oliveira, who is an excellent professional. He answers our questions and helps us find adaptations when needed. I have nothing but praise for the support," he adds.

With an eye towards the future, Mantiqueira Brasil increasingly invests in technological solutions to meet market demands and evolving consumer behavior. They even offer online egg delivery subscription options for home delivery.

To continue with so many projects, the company intends to combine the charisma of those who still receive old-fashioned door-to-door deliveries with a forward-looking vision to reach even greater heights.

If you're looking at scaling your last mile operations and expanding in delivery capacity while improving your customer experience, feel free to leave your details in the form below so a customer service representative may be in touch!