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Tintas MC client Drivin

Tintas MC and Drivin: Revolutionizing Paint Delivery Operations

Tintas MC is the fastest-growing paint network in Brazil, with over 200 stores across multiple states and regions.

The company offers high-quality products and services, including paints for buildings, industries, automobiles, accessories, and professional tools from the most renowned brands in the market.

Since 1964, Tintas MC has stood out in the Brazilian retail paint market. The company was founded in São Paulo (SP) by the brothers Manoel, Armando, and Amilcar José de Sá, who had a vision of making Brazil a more colorful country. Tintas MC aims to be the first choice for those seeking quality and variety in paint.

On its 59th anniversary, Tintas MC remains committed to its ambitious growth project, striving to establish itself as the premier, largest, most comprehensive, and most unforgettable paint and service network in Brazil.

Equipped with its advanced 4.0 logistics solution, Drivin stands prepared to assist the company in achieving their goal!

The Challenge

In 2019, Tintas MC initiated a centralized delivery project, which involved stores sending their sales to the central distribution center (DC) that would handle dispatching orders to customers. Prior to this change, stores would directly handle deliveries using their own trucks or allowing customers to pick up their orders.

This transition marked a significant advancement in the professionalization and reach of Tintas MC. However, when the project began, the company encountered several challenges when it came to route planning, tracking, and managing returns.

During that period, their main objective was to decrease the daily return rate to the distribution center (DC), which stood at 11%. These returns were triggered by various factors, including delivery challenges such as driver unavailability or customer absence, with the company lacking crucial information to effectively tackle these issues.

"We sought solutions to improve delivery management and decrease the number of returns. We wanted a TMS (Transportation Management System) that would enable us to optimize route planning, track shipments, and reduce the number of failed deliveries," said Paulo Cássio, logistics manager at Tintas MC.

This led Tintas MC to search for a reliable and robust company that could ensure a more efficient process. Thus began the collaboration with Drivin, which became a strategic ally in optimizing the company's logistics management.

Drivins' Solution

In November 2020, the initial discussions with Drivin occurred, nearly a year after the project's inception, posing notable challenges in terms of urgency and efficient implementation. The centralization of deliveries and the introduction of the TMS system marked a pivotal milestone in the company's history. This transition involved the relocation of sales management to the logistics department, enabling more suitable and effective handling of deliveries while distinguishing it from the commercial division.

Initially, it was crucial to swiftly implement a TMS that could manage information in an agile and efficient manner.

Paulo Cássio explains, "Ever since we implemented the system, my team has been able to use it effortlessly without requiring any specialized training, which was not the case with other solutions we evaluated. It was a crucial implementation that needed to be done promptly as we were encountering numerous delivery challenges during that period."

The user-friendliness of the system is closely related to its interface, which offers intuitive usability for anyone.

According to the manager, Drivin's solution was instrumental in saving valuable hours by streamlining team involvement. The system's user-friendly interface was particularly notable, serving as a distinguishing factor that bolstered our project and enabled us to move forward with the implementation.

What were their results?

Within just under three months, the system seamlessly integrated into the business platform, resulting in a fully engaged team and initial positive outcomes. The introduction of automated routing, real-time tracking, and enhanced visibility brought about a transformative effect on operations.

Following the implementation of the new system and the centralization of deliveries at the Diadema distribution center, Tintas MC experienced a notable improvement in serving the capital and the Baixada Santista region, delivering services in a more agile and efficient manner.

The TMS system allowed for better delivery management, resulting in a lower rate of returns and a significant improvement in the company's logistics process. To meet this demand, Tintas MC currently relies on a third-party fleet consisting of a wide variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, Bitrucks, Fiorinos, Kombis HR, and trucks.


With the implementation of the transportation management system, Tintas MC achieved significant results in various areas of logistics, including:

1. Reduction of lead time for deliveries: They were able to streamline and optimize their delivery process, resulting in shorter delivery times.

2. Optimization of vehicle capacity: By optimizing their vehicle capacity, the enabled better utilization of vehicles, leading to a reduction in the number of vehicles required for operations.

3. Data control and decision-making: The system provides accurate and real-time data, allowing for better decision-making and flexibility in delivery windows, which ultimately drove sales.

4. Improved quality of logistical work: Drivin allows for real-time route tracking, identification of unknown stops, daily itinerary adjustments, and better handling of delivery priorities such as material rejections, customer absence, and punctuality.

5. Enhanced customer service efficiency: Through targeted and effective communication, they were able to eliminate the need for drivers to stop and take phone calls, thereby improving customer service.


Thanks to these improvements, Tintas MC has been able to refine its logistics process, provide better service to its customers, and increase operational efficiency.

Paulo Cássio explains, "The implementation of Drivin has brought about a considerable enhancement in communication between drivers and Tintas MC's logistics team. Moreover, the previously manual routing process has been optimized, resulting in a noteworthy reduction in the time needed for delivery preparation."

Paulo Cássio explained, "Previously, we used to schedule deliveries with an advance notice of up to 18 hours, but now we can offer same-day deliveries. This capability has allowed Tintas MC to provide faster and more controlled service to our customers, with real-time tracking of deliveries and the ability to optimize each driver's workload."

Through the optimization of processes and enhanced communication, Tintas MC has maximized the utilization of its fleet and team, enabling immediate deliveries and boosting operational efficiency.

The implementation of same-day deliveries has become a standard practice for the company, which was previously hindered by inadequate communication and control. This improvement has played a significant role in maintaining a competitive edge, particularly in the civil construction sector, even amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic.

"We have received favorable feedback from the stores utilizing our platform, ranging from painters to builders. Through this delivery method, we have successfully expanded our operations within the construction sector, even amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.

This development has marked a significant turning point for our paint business, with faster deliveries serving as a pivotal factor in maintaining our competitive advantage over rivals."

In numbers...

  • Route planning has decreased from 8 hours per day to 4 hours per day.
  • The number of vehicles required to meet the same operational demand has been reduced from 20 to 17.
  • Three employees were previously involved in delivery verification, but now only one is needed, resulting in better resource allocation.
  • The company now delivers 99% of its shipments, representing a significant improvement compared to the previous return rate of 10-11%, which has been reduced to less than 0.5% per day.

Looking into the future

The alliance between Drivin and Tintas MC continues to grow with a focus on a promising future, always aiming to improve speed, efficiency, and visibility in the logistics operation. The company has plans to offer express deliveries within a three-hour timeframe from the customer's order placement, demonstrating their commitment to providing the best possible service and meeting their customers' needs quickly and efficiently.

"The daily use of Drivin's TMS allows us to track all our deliveries in real-time, obtain productivity data for our vehicles, and gather important information for decision-making. Drivin has been and continues to be a great asset for Tintas MC, driving sales and improving our delivery service to customers," concludes Paulo Cássio, logistics manager at Tintas MC.

Are you interested in learning how Drivin can help reduce transportation costs, save time in planning, and provide the best customer service? Then, please leave us your contact information.