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Betterware Logistics: How Drivin has helped them become more effective

Although Betterware was born over 80 years ago in England, today it’s a 100% Mexican company dedicated to home solutions catalog sales, such as organization, cleaning, practicality and space creation products.

"In today's world, it’s imperative to have tools that enable real-time monitoring, controlling and planning of the logistics of delivering orders to customers. On the one hand, this allows simplifying the customer's life, thus ensuring their satisfaction, and on the other hand, operating a much more efficient and effective logistics chain".

Luis Lozada Cauduro | Chief Operating Officer for Betterware México

BetterwareIts mission is to create opportunities for those who have the courage to pursue and achieve them, which includes its distributors and associates, consumers, employees and suppliers. It is worth mentioning that Betterware is the first Mexican company to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York.

Luis Lozada, Chief Operating Officer for Betterware Mexico, explains that both the company's supply chain and logistics operations are managed under an asset-light model, which makes it a very attractive company for investors.

"Everything related to manufacturing is done through 3PM -Third-party manufacturing-, with strategic partners and certified factories in both China and Mexico, who manufacture our products with the highest quality standards", he explained.

They have a state-of-the-art Distribution Center located on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Jalisco, from where they ship throughout the Mexican Republic. Every day, they make over 10 thousand deliveries of both orders and prizes.

"We operate our logistics network through a 3PL -Third-party logistics- model. Over the years we have developed very solid, productive and long-term relationships with our carriers, which to a large extent work exclusively with Betterware. This has allowed us to turn our logistics network into a competitive advantage".

The role of Data Intelligence & Technology

Both technology and data intelligence represent a fundamental pillar in Betterware's strategy, as it allows them to structure and organize all the necessary information to make better decisions in a very agile way. In addition, it enables a much more efficient operation, which lets them keep their costs very competitive and under control.

"Without a doubt, for us it’s something fundamental. We’re always thinking about how information technology can help us operate our business better," says Luis.

Betterware and Drivin, team work!

Luis comments that at the time, they had evaluated several technological options that would help them plan, manage and offer delivery traceability to their customers.

"What we needed was not only to have full traceability and control of the status and location of each of our orders, -if it had shipped, or had already arrived at the crossdock, if it was already en-route, or if it had already been delivered to the distributor,- but also to carry out comprehensive planning that would allow us to communicate to the customer in a delivery window of maximum 3 hours".

The reason they decided on Drivin, was it met, and still meets to the day, the characteristics of being a robust, versatile, and user-friendly tool.

"When we chose Drivin, we evaluated several factors, but mainly two things: first, the versatility of the tool to ensure that we could plan and schedule deliveries within 3-hour windows to all our customers, and second, the ease of use, to ensure a very fast adaptation by our staff and our suppliers," explained Luis.

"Given our business model, being able to communicate to our distributors (customers) a 3-hour maximum delivery window, instead of only guaranteeing a delivery before 7pm, has given them a much better consumer experience, as it allows them to plan their daily activities better, and not have to wait for the delivery van all day," he noted.

Betterware and Covid 19

Luis said that while the pandemic represented a challenge for the entirety of humanity, as well as for business; it also brought with it a significant growth in sales, which translated into the creation of jobs and opportunities for many Mexican families.

"We recognize that this pandemic has been a watershed for humanity, and first and foremost, we deeply regret the sensitive loss of loved ones that this has meant for thousands of families.

In regards to business, it meant a huge challenge along our entire supply chain, however, it was also an unprecedented opportunity. Our sales force almost tripled, reaching 1.2M associates, which had a proportional impact on our sales.

This fills us with happiness and pride, as it has meant the creation of thousands of jobs and opportunities, while giving harmony at home for all the Mexican families who have decided to join the Betterware family, be that as consumers, associates, or distributors."

If you and your company would like to know how Drivin can help improve and streamline your logistics operation, feel free to leave your contact details and a cutomer service representative will be in touch.